CHROMATOGRAPHY, Vol. 33 (2012), No. 2, pp. 75-83
Technical Review
Effect of impurities in ultra-pure water on trace organic analysis
Yoshifumi Kuroki
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Japan K.K. ELGA LabWater Division
Yokoso Rainbow Tower, 3-20-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0022, Japan
The quality of water has a significant influence on trace analyses for various purposes. Today we can easily obtain the ultra-pure water of such a high quality for HPLC, LC/MS or GC/MS using a water purifier with high performance. However, we often make mistakes in the usage of ultra-pure water and also in the operation of a water purifier. Additionally ultra-pure water system has issues for impurities monitoring and creasing impurities from own product. The manner to use ultra-pure water is quite important. It is necessary to make a standard method to use ultra-pure water for trace organism's analysis.
Keywords: HPLC, LC/MS, GC/MS, ultra-pure water, TOC, impurity, real-time monitoring contamination, water quality.