CHROMATOGRAPHY, Vol. 24 (2003), No. 3, pp. 135-145
Thin.Layer Chromatography of Certain Metal Cations with Anionic Micellar Mobile Phase Systems: Simultaneous Separation of Co.existing Gold (III), Copper (II) and Silver (I) and Quantitative Spectrophotometric Measurement of Copper (II)
Ali Mohammad*, Yasir Hamid Sirwal and Sufia Hena
Analytical Research Laboratory, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh|202 002, INDIA
Silica gel in combination with surfactant|mediated eluents has been used for thin|layer chromatography of sixteen metal cations. Several combinations of mobile phase systems comprising of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) plus organic non|electrolytes and inorganic electrolytes have been tested for rapid and reliable separation of metal cations. TLC system constituting silica gel as a stationary phase and 0.3% SDS (pH 2.3) plus 5% aqueous NaCl (9:1, v/v) as mobile phase was identified most favorable system for the separation and identification of co|existing gold, copper and silver in alloys. Semiquanititative determination of Cu2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Cd2+ by spot|area measurement method has been attempted. TLC|spectrophotometry technique has been used for quantitative determination of Cu2+ in synthetically prepared ores and alloys with preliminary separation from Au3+ and Ag+.
Keywords: Micellar TLC, Separation, Metal cations, Gold, Copper, Silver, Spectrophotometry